Wish EU Were Here

A preview of the project that the funding application relates to.
A series of images depicting the classic ‘holiday slideshow’ – curated from 1000s and 1000s of 35mm slides.
Picture yourself sitting in a 1970s living room, somewhere in the UK, being walked through ‘Sue and Brian’s’ European holiday – starting from getting on the plane, arriving at the hotel, exploring windy streets, stopping off at cafés, enjoying the nightlife, and so on. Ouzo and olives anyone?



Not a ‘girly girl’ – documentary

A long-term collaboration with Bea Wood, Miss Transgender UK 2017/18.
As a pageant queen, a model, a transwoman and a woman full-stop, many people have opinions about Bea, or how she should live her life, often without having even met her.

Each image is paired with a quote from Bea – sharing her story from her perspective.
“When I see the work, it’s so genuine and honest. I can say: ‘That’s me. That’s my life’.” – Bea.


Putting Food on the Table – documentary

For young, single parents who are struggling financially, putting food on the table can be equal part love, equal part stress.
Stories told through food, portraits, documentary images and personal testimonies.
Influenced by my own experiences as a teenage parent.


Walking in the Maasai Mara – editorial

Cover story for Msafiri (Kenya Airways in-flight magazine).
Photos, interviews and write-up provided for a lead story told over 7 pages.