“Following a month of Pride marches across the globe and the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York, Social Documentary Network (SDN) is proud to present these 20+ exhibits from its archives.

As with all struggles for equality and justice, the fight continues because the battles are never permanently over. As we see across the globe, a new wave of conservatism is taking root and the LGBTQ+ community is again under attack. Take pride and take action for justice!” – Social Documentary Network

Thank you SDN for featuring two of my exhibits ‘In Focus’, including this one from the largest Nat fetsival in Myanmar.
You can see all the selected stories here.
(See Part I of this blog post)


The festival celebrates two brothers who died at the hands of the King in the 11th century.
Nats are spirits that return to earth, embodying a nat dancer. Offers of food, drink, cigarettes and cash are given.  

Crowds struggle to get in – and out – of the temple with their offerings of the day of the opening ceremony.

A new nat dancer emerges.

A plate of sticky fish and rice is left on a shrine.

See the exhibition in full on Social Documentary Network, and read the full story, as published by the Travel Independent.