Women, HIV & violence – Egypt

In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, new HIV infections are on the rise.
This is in stark contrast to the global trend, which has seen an overall year-on-year reduction.

Although on paper Egypt still has one of the lowest prevalence rates in the world, HIV activists in the country, many whom are practically working undercover due to high levels of stigma, will tell you that the stats are “wildly underestimated” and how HIV in Egypt is “a disaster”.

Additionally, due to gender inequality and norms, women and girls are disproportionately affected.

Photography and stories for Frontline AIDS.
The ‘LEARN MENA’ project supported women living with HIV and experiencing violence, as evidence shows that one increases the risk of the other.

Except for staff, all names have been changed, and photos taken anonymously.


  • The women tackling HIV and violence in Egypt – “I still had the scars from the latest beating 60 days after he died.”
  • Farah’s story: “I want you to, please, stop and really imagine for a moment: What do you think it felt like to hold my daughter and see her take her last breath? … Do you know what it is like to lose a part of yourself?”