Shutter Hub has published a Close Up feature on my ongoing project ‘Not a girly girl’, documenting Bea’s life since she became Miss Transgender UK, down in Brighton in November 2017. 


Saturday 4 May 2019 – Everything I Ever Learnt – closing event

I’ll be talking about Bea’s project at the closing event of Shutter Hub’s photo exhibition ‘Everything I Ever Learnt’ in Cambridge, along with five other photographers.

Along with showing photos from the work so far, I’ll be sharing what ‘working collaboratively’ means to both myself and Bea. I don’t think I can ever get a better review than from Bea herself:

“I’m not working with ‘Gemma the photographer’, I’m working with ‘Gemma my friend’.
When I see the work, I don’t see a story from someone that has followed me, I see a story created by someone who knows me.

It’s so genuine and honest. I can say ‘that’s me’. That’s my life.”

The free event and exhibition is at ART at the ARB in Cambridge, 1-4pm.

A massive thanks to Karen and the team at Shutter Hub for supporting this work and providing opportunities such as this!