Not a ‘girly girl’, my ongoing work with Bea Wood, is featured as an essay over on Photomonitor.
Thank you to Christiane Monarchi for promoting and supporting this work.


Read in full over on Photomonitor.

This project is about Bea, who is constantly ‘having’ to define herself against other people’s expectations of a model, a pageant queen, a transwoman, and a woman full stop.

Bea won Miss Transgender UK 2017/18, which was when our collaboration started. She told me that a week after the pageant she wanted to “fly”, i.e. to die. “It looked like I was on a high, but I was very much on the edge. At the end of it all I was still sat on my own at night, back in Scunthorpe.”

Many people, whether close family or strangers, think they know something about Bea, presume what she’s like, and have a view on how she should live her life. The original idea was to share Bea’s personal experiences, taking a documentary approach, to challenge stereotypes and tell her story from her point of view. As our collaboration developed, the project started to include some more ‘conceptual’ shots – for example Bea posing in a ballgown with a gun. The photo is her statement as to who she is, her different dimensions, and an “F you” to people who think she should conform in any way.