Text from Social Documentary Network’s IN FOCUS: 10 years of pride collection:

“Following a month of Pride marches across the globe and the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York, Social Documentary Network (SDN) is proud to present these 20+ exhibits from its archives. They span Minsk’s first Gay Pride March in 2010 to the 2019 Gay Pride March in Boston. They explore gay people in the military, transgender prostitutes in Tegucigalpa, Havana, and Lima. They explore gender non-conforming, and other themes of gender fluidity and sexual preferences in South Africa, Myanmar, Greenland, Namibia, Iceland and other parts of the globe.

As with all struggles for equality and justice, the fight continues because the battles are never permanently over. As we see across the globe, a new wave of conservatism is taking root and the LGBTQ+ community is again under attack. Take pride and take action for justice!”

Thank you SDN for featuring two of my exhibits In Focus, including this exhibit with Marc & Ricardo, shot for Frontline AIDS.
You can see all of SDN’s selected stories here.


Mr Gay Nambia (2012)

“I don’t have a problem with showing affection to someone that I love in public… why should I have to wait until we are behind closed doors for me to hold his hand?” says Marc.

When he first reached to kiss me, I thought ‘what are you doing, are you trying to get us both killed!’. But when Marc held my hand there was this surge of energy that went through my body. And in that moment I thought ‘F’ the world, I don’t care,” Ricardo.

Namibia’s first married gay couple.
Mr Gay Namibia, Ricardo, & husband Marc.

Marc and Ricardo didn’t choose to be LGBT advocates.
“I just chose happiness over another individual’s idea of what I need to be, or what normality is” – Ricardo.

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