From pink balloons, to buffalos, to ballerinas, to platform boots.
Photographers from around the world have donated images that respond to the theme of ‘hope’.

Prints for Food will raise funds for The Trussell Trust to support food banks across the UK, which are responding to an unprecedented demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

See below for my image, ‘Dip’, which is one of the 30+ available.

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“I hope that when we all start to venture back out into the world, that after these experiences and tragedies, we will do so more thoughtfully, cautiously and with more appreciation.

I hope that we’ll dip our toes back in, but without rushing, and we’ll create less ripples. I hope we all create new memories – and that, this time, I’ll be brave enough to swim alongside the jellyfish (although it’s pretty unlikely!).”

The picture was taken in Croatia last year, and seriously, there were swarms and swarms of 100s of jellyfish at a time. They were comb jellyfish, so harmless to humans, but swimming through blamange is not my favourite thing. 

And that’s another story that relates to tipping the planet out of balance… The comb jellies are not a native species, which means they also have no natural enemy along their new coastline. The theory is they got there after the ballast water of oil tankers was discharged – i.e. they were picked up by a tanker in one place and dropped off in another. Now they’re here, they are enjoying the same food as the fish. Along the Black Sea coast, the jellies’ penchant for plankton devastated the fish stocks.
Conservationists are watching, concerned, hoping the same doesn’t happen along Croatia’s coast.

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